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Note: This video start slowly. For about a half a minute it may look at though nothing is happening. It is one of the best dance videos I have ever seen. Be patient.

Paul Christiano was convicted in 1999 of purchasing child pornography through the mail. The offense, committed when Christiano was in his early 20s, obliged him to register as a sex offender in the state of Illinois. In the years that immediately followed, though, he built a formidable career as a dancer and choreographer in Chicago, breaking out with a 2001 choreographic work produced by the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre. It was called “Miracle, Interrupted.”

“I do not think there has ever been a better work created by a Chicago choreographer,” John Schmitz, the founder of Dance Chicago, said Monday.

On Wednesday of last week, three of his friends said, Christiano went to the Forest Park home of his close friend, the dancer and choreographer Autumn Eckman, for whom he was housesitting while Eckman was away teaching in Maine. He wrote a will and penned a note, they said, lay down in one of the beds and then poisoned himself. His body was found, Eckman said, in her home Saturday.

Christiano was 39.

From Chris Jones at the Chicogo Tribune


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